Membership Anniversary Certificates and Pins awarded (15 Feb 2020)

President Dale Harshman (right) receiving his 5 and 10 year anniversary Certificates and pins from Capt. Mike Hutchins (15 February 2020).
Membership 5 year Anniversary recognition presented to (from left to right) Compatriot Gary Gray (pin and certificate) Mike Hutchins (pin), Chris Fridley (pin) and Robert McNeese-Young (pin and certificate) (15 February 2020).

Public Acknowledgement of 5 year anniversary: Compatriots Tom Oliver, Rex Stickle, and Russ Oliver (absent).

Not present today: Compatriots Ralph Nichols (5 and 10 year pins and certificates), Kevin Coyne (5 year pin), and Dave Vandeveer (pin and certificate).

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