Monuments to the Revolutionary War (4 July 2020)

Compatriot Jack Lauman and his wife, Ruth, toured several Revolutionary War memorial sites in August 2017. Here are a few of their pictures.

Compatriot Jack Lauman standing in front of the statue of his 3rd cousin, (Mad) Anthony Wayne, at Valley Forge, PA (August 2017).
Washington’s Headquarters,Valley Forge, PA (August 2017).

Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge. (The Isaac Potts house). Isaac Potts went to collect the rent early one morning during Washington’s encampment there (1777-1778) from his cousin who was renting the house. He observed Washington kneeling and praying along the banks of the Schuylkill river as he approached. When he returned home, he told daughter about what he had seen and she recorded it in her diary.

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA (August 2017).

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary Soldier at West Washington Square in Philly. People go there every day, walk their dogs, do yoga, sit on a park bench and read, etc. They never think about the fact that Washington Square is a graveyard with 5000-5500 unmarked graves. It’s a block from Independence Hall (The Pennsylvania Statehouse).

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA (August 2017).
The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, PA (August 2017).
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