GWC Color Guard – Battle of Kettle Creek commemoration (13 Feb 2021)

On Saturday, 2/13/21, several members of the GWC Color Guard (John Kraft, Mike Hutchins, Bruce Bock, and Marshall Eberhart) accompanied by many other WASSAR Color Guardsmen including State Commander Neil Vernon, previous State Commander Art Dolan, Deputy Commander Dick Motz, Jeff Lightburn, Skip Stephen, Larry Peck, George Vernon (and probably others I missed), travelled (virtually) to Wilkes County, Georgia to join almost 300 other National SAR Color Guardsmen and many ladies from the GA Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to commemorate the 242nd anniversary of The Battle of Kettle Creek (Feb 14, 1779). This battle was very significant because “The Battle of Kettle Creek was the severest check and chastisement the Tories everreceived in South Carolina and Georgia” – Colonel Andrew Pickens.

Thank you to The Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution President David G. Jessel for hosting this and inviting us! (13 February 2021)

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