Planting Flags at Maple Leaf Cemetery (29 May 2021)

GWC Color Guard planting Flags at the Maple Leaf Cemetery in Oak Harbor, WA. (left to right) Bob Hall, Cpl. Bruce Bock, Chris Fridley, Cpt. Mike Hutchins, Cpl. Marshall Eberhart, and Sgt. John. Kraft (29 May 2021).

About 640+ flags were planted, honoring the veterans.

GWC Compatriot Bob Wall (dressed in an American Revolution Militia uniform) and great grandson Daemien, saluted and put flags on veterans plots at Maple Leaf Cemetery, Oak Harbor, WA. Bob and Daemien shown here at Lou Michalski‚Äôs gravesite. “Ski” was a member of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church and a friend of Bob and husband of Pat Michalski (29 May 2021).
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