Current membership & patriot ancestors

CompatriotPatriot Ancestor(s)
Albert (Perk) Bingham
  • Ephraim Kibbey (Kibbe) (1756 - 1809) Sgt. NJ, SAR No. P-229252, DAR No. A065504. Served in the 3rd & 4th NJ Continental Line, and listed as being at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777 - 1778. Promoted to Sgt. in the 3rd NJ Regiment in 1780 (Fold3 p42 - Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775 - 1783). more
Alan Blinn
Gilbert Blinn
Grant Blinn
Bruce Bock
  • Frederick D. Bock (Buck)
Ken Carlson *
Kevin R. Coyne
  • Noah Day (1757 - 1841), Sgt. CT, SAR No. P-145403, DAR No. A030926, Pension No. S23591. Served as a Pvt. in the Lexington Alarm under Capt. Elliot, Cpl. under Capt. Stedman, and Sgt. under Capt. Tilden. Fought in the Battle of Trenton.
Robert (Bob) E. L. Eggenberger, Jr.
David O. Farrar
  • Reuben Nantz (Nance) (1745 - 1812) Ens. VA, SAR No. P-254807, DAR No. A081461. Served under Capts. Brice Martin and John Wells, Henry County Militia.
Christopher B. Fridley
  • Jean Louis Bonin (1752 - 1795) 1st Cpl. LA, SAR No. P-117469, DAR No. A011971. Served in 2nd Co. Louisiana Attakapas Militia. Fought in the Battles of Manchac (1779), Baton Rouge (1779), and Natchez (1779). more
Gary F. Gray
  • Benjamin Edes (1732 - 1803) Lt. MA, SAR No. P-153026, DAR No. A036002. Served in the MA Militia and was a member of Sons of Liberty. Edes was a printer and publisher (along with John Gill) of the Boston Gazette, and was one of the main financiers and instigators of the Boston Tea Party. more
Richard Lee Harman
Dale R. Harshman
  • Ulrich Harshman (1725 - 1783) Furnished supplies to the Continental Army, VA, SAR No. P-330453, DAR No. A052420.

  • Peter Harshman (1745 - 1827) Soldier, VA, SAR No. P-176348, DAR No. A052419. He was Ulrich Harshman's son. Only sources are the family history (town records were destroyed during the Civil War) and a county history. Peter's son, Henry Harshman, fought in the War of 1812.

  • Isaac Dukes (Duke) (c. 1761 - 1835) Pvt. MD, Pension No. SR3111, DAR No. A034485. Served under Capts. Bennett, Murrow; Cols. Hopewell, Shields, Morrow; POW. Also sailor on board the privateer "Buckskin" under Capt. George Handy. more
Eric C. Howard
  • Solomon Howard (Hayward) (1756 - 1840) Pvt. MA, SAR No. P-186103, DAR No. A058142. Served under Capts. Sawyer, Knapp and Hammet; Cols. Patterson and Cushing, MA Continental Line. He fought in the battles of Stillwater and Princeton, and his pension application (S21266) mentions crossing the Delaware, "...marched to Trenton, was in a battle there-wounded." The medical report states "...wound in shoulder, frostbite, both feet." more
Michael Hutchins
  • George Twilley (1743 - 1801) Pvt. (Militia) MD, DAR No. A117517. Served in Capt. William Turpin’s Rewastico Company, Salisbury Battalion, Somerset County Maryland Militia (Maryland Militia in the Rev War p217). On 12 May 1782 he was given a receipt for furnishing pork (MD Public Service Record 1775 – 1783, p332). more
David Jackson *
  • Drury Jackson (1745 - 1795) Pvt. GA, SAR No. P-?, DAR No. A060945. Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.
John E. Kraft
  • Ephraim Terry (1701 - 1783) Patriotic Service, CT, DAR No. A113652.

John E. Lauman
  • Abraham Markley Schwenk (1759 - 1843) Sgt. PA, SAR No. P-285866, DAR No. A101252. Served under Capt. James Haslett, 2nd Batt., Philadelphia CO Militia.more

  • Jacob Markley (1701 - 1784) Patriotic Service, PA, SAR No. P-241489, DAR No. A073850.more

  • George Schwenk (1728 - 1803) Pvt. PA, SAR No. ?, DAR No. ?. Served in Capt. Michael Dotterer's Co., Philadelphia Co. Militia.more
Peter MacDonald
  • Aaron Bisbee, Jr. (1724 - after 1778) Pvt. MA, DAR No. A010400. Served in Capt. Andrew Sampson's Co. under Col. Nathan Sparhawk's Rgmt. Also served with Capts. Weston and Bonney. Revolutionary War records f MA indicate that he served 2 months at Castle Island from 17 Oct. 1778 to 11 Dec. 1778. more
Carlos Malone *
  • John Joseph Malone (1700 - 1783)

  • Michael M. Malone (1746 - 1819)
Robert D. McNeese-Young
  • William C. Bryan (1734 - 1780) Capt. KY, SAR No. P-183817, DAR No. A016289. Served as Capt. of Fort, Bryan's Station, KY, and was killed by Indians loyal to England while defending the Fort. more

  • Mary Boone Bryan (1736 - 1819) Patriotic Service, KY, DAR No. A016269. Suffered deprivation from British and Indian attacks upon the Fort (Bryan's Station).more

  • James Ingles (Ingalls), Jr. (1749 - 1815) Pvt. PA, SAR No. P-605914, Dar No. A059996. Served twice, from 1776 - 1777 in the 3rd PA Regt. under Col. Joseph Wood (Pvt. 2nd Cl. in Capt. Lambert Willmore's Co. 4th Batt.) and later as a Pvt. 4th Class in the Chester Co. Militia, Coventry Township.more
Kent Harvey Mocabee *
Ralph H. Nichols
  • Benjamin Paschall (c. 1735 - 1785) Justice of the Peace in Philadelphia, PA, SAR No. P-266360, DAR No. A201698. Signed and administered the Oath of Allegiance to Pennsylvania, denouncing King George. Was one of the few people authorized to sign a pass to re-enter Philadelphia. His house still stands at 127 Spruce Street. more
Tom Peloquin
  • William Clark (1757 - 1849) Pvt. MA, SAR No. P-134219, DAR No. A022760. Served under Capt. Lugh Maxwell, Col. John Bailey; Capt. Alden, LCol. Ezra Badlam.
Russell P. Oliver
  • William Oliver (1746 - 1816), Cpl. MA, Pension No. W15144, SAR No. P-263048. Served 8 months in 1775 as a Cpl. in the MA militia under Capt. Samuel Sprague in Col. Gerrish's regiment. Fought at the Battle of Chelsea Creek, May 1775, and likely present at the Battle of Bunker Hill. more
Russell T. (Tom) Oliver
  • William Oliver (1746 - 1816), Cpl. MA, Pension No. W15144, SAR No. P-263048. Served 8 months in 1775 as a Cpl. in the MA militia under Capt. Samuel Sprague in Col. Gerrish's regiment. Fought at the Battle of Chelsea Creek, May 1775, and likely present at the Battle of Bunker Hill. more
Richard Powell *
Rex Stickle
  • David Hill (1758 - 1825) Pvt. NJ, SAR No. P-181339. Served as a Pvt. in Capt. Josiah Crane's Company which was an element of Col. Silvanus Seely's Eastern Battalion. Later served as a Capt. in the War of 1812.
David Stockton
  • Thomas Horton (1745 - 1825) Sgt. (Militia) NY, SAR No. P-185171, DAR No. A058705. Served in the 17th Regt., Abany Co. Militia, under Capt. Elijah Gilbert & Col. William B. Whiting.
Dave Vandaveer
  • James Nisbet, Sr. (1765 - 1845) Sgt. SC, DAR No. A082355. On 5 June 1786, James was issued 25 lbs for Sgt. duty in Roebuck's Battalion of the Spartan Regiment (Militia) 1781-1782 (source: Book X-part II of Indents of the State of South Carolina, page 122). He also served in Capt. Andrew Barry’s regiment and survived the Battle of Fishing Creek, 18 August 1780. more
Randall R. Wall
  • Arthur Wall, Sr. (c. 1747 - 1784) Soldier (Militia) GA, SAR No. P-329700, DAR No. A119748.
David H. Wilson
  • George Wren (c.1760 - post 1/18/1832) Soldier (Militia) SC, SAR No. P-333010, DAR No. A001473.
* Pending