Activities & Programs

Revere1The George Washington Chapter of the WA SAR is involved with several endeavors aimed at remembering and celebrating the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers, our ancestors, and others in establishing the United States of America.

GWC-WA SAR Color Guard - Several WA SAR members dress in accurate reproduction period uniforms to participate in SAR color guards, local parades, and when making presentations to schools and other venues. See also, Washington SAR Color Guard
Youth Programs - These activities are aimed at fostering understanding of the reasoning and ethos underpinning the founding of America, and how they are enshrined in our Constitution. The Knight Essay Contest is one of the educational activities in which the George Washington Chapter is involved.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Wreaths across America - While the Washington State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has no official affiliation with, many local WA SAR Chapters (including the George Washington Chapter) participate in this annual event.
Flag Awards Program - The SAR recognizes the efforts of individuals, cities, corporations and other organizations for properly displaying the American flag.
Fire / Safety Awards Program - The SAR recognizes individuals and organizations for their efforts to ensure the safety of their communities.
Veterans Recognition Awards - Award bestowed upon SAR chapter members who served in the Armed Forces.
Law Enforcement Recognition Awards - The SAR recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals in Law Enforcement for service to our communities.