Compatriot Jacque Lee Hutchins accepting his Membership Certificate on his 99th birthday (16 March 2020)

Compatriot Jacque Lee Hutchins receiving his SAR Membership Certificate on his 99th birthday. Jacque lives in Pittsburg, PA and was sworn in over the phone by our Vice President Mike Hutchins (16 March 2020).
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Color Guard taking part in membership induction (22 Feb 2020)

Four members [Mike Hutchins (far right) John Kraft (far left), Bruce Bock (center), and Marshall Eberhart (second from right)] of the George Washington Chapter and two members [Neil Vernon (not pictured) and Christian Farrin (second from left)] of the Seattle Chapter came together in Seattle to induct 92 year old Donald Bowman Kraft (seated) into the SAR and presented him with his life membership certificate and rosette (22 Feb 2020).
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Massing of the Flags on Patriotic Day in Tacoma (22 Feb 2020)

GWC Color Guard participating in the WA State Patriotic Day Massing of the Flags in Tacoma. (from left to right) Capt. Mike Hutchins, Bruce Bock, Sgt. John Kraft and Marshall Eberhart (22 February 2020).
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Our speaker, Pamela McCunn, “Agent 355, The Culper Ring” (15 Feb 2020)

Guest speaker Pamela R. Hager McCunn, DAR, Bellingham Washington Chapter, giving her very interesting and entertaining in-character presentation, “Agent 355 The Culper Ring,” about Washington’s Secret Six, and the one female spy, agent 355 (15 February 2020).
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Membership Anniversary Certificates and Pins awarded (15 Feb 2020)

President Dale Harshman (right) receiving his 5 and 10 year anniversary Certificates and pins from Capt. Mike Hutchins (15 February 2020).
Membership 5 year Anniversary recognition presented to (from left to right) Compatriot Gary Gray (pin and certificate) Mike Hutchins (pin), Chris Fridley (pin) and Robert McNeese-Young (pin and certificate) (15 February 2020).

Public Acknowledgement of 5 year anniversary: Compatriots Tom Oliver, Rex Stickle, and Russ Oliver (absent).

Not present today: Compatriots Ralph Nichols (5 and 10 year pins and certificates), Kevin Coyne (5 year pin), and Dave Vandeveer (pin and certificate).

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Compatriot Jack Foster (left) being sworn in by President Dale Harshman as a new member of the GWC (15 February 2020).
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Swearing in of our Padre, David Stockton (15 Feb 2020)

President Dale Harshman (right) swearing in David Stockton, assuming his continuing post as our Chapter Padre (15 February 2020).
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Posting the Color in commemoration of Washington’s Birthday (15 Feb 2020)

The GWC Color Guard posting Colors. (from left to right) Capt. Mike Hutchins (partially hidden), Bruce Bock, Marshall Eberhart, Hugh Jonson, Gary Gray and Sgt. John Kraft (15 February 2020).
Capt. Mike Hutchins (left) and Compatriot Bruce Bock posting the Colors (15 February 2020).

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WA SAR Color Guard and DAR at Island Park Elementary (31 Jan 2020)

Pictured (from left to right) are John Kraft (GWC Registrar), Jim Blanton (Seattle Chapter), Mike Moore (WA SAR Registrar), Bob Korn (Seattle Chapter) and Neil Vernon (Seattle Chapter and WA SAR Color Guard Commander), during their presentation at Island Park Elementary School, Mercer Island (31 January 2020).
Presentation at the Island Park Elementary School (Mercer Island). Pictured are Mike Moore, WA SAR Registrar and GWC Compatriot, and his daughter Katherine (31 January 2020).
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GWC Flag Award presented to the Town of La Conner (28 Jan 2020)

GWC Flag Certificate presented to the Town Council of La Conner, WA. (left to right) Council Member, Jacques Brunisholtz, Council Member, John Leaver, GWC VP, Mike Hutchins, Public Works Director, Brian Lease, Council Member, Mary Le Chamberlain and Mayor Ramone Hayes (28 January 2020).
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